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Professional Move Management Support

Our skilled and experienced Move Managers will plan and coordinate your moves from start to finish. Our combined 20 years of experience places all our coordinators and management team in the best place possible to assist you with your next relocation. Our weekly Quality Meetings combined with our procedures for escalation provides for direct and immediate response. Our door to door house moving service includes full coordination and execution of the whole moving process by our specialized crew, with no effort from your part. Our door to door moving service, among others, contains:

  • Whole process coordination and execution

If you choose to pack yourself some or all of your items, we'll provide you with boxes,
labels and other packing materials.

  • Packing of all households items

Our crew will professionally pack all of your items starting with the dishes, clothes,
office items and electronics, and finishing with the heavy furniture. We'll use bubble
wrap for fragile items, boxes and other materials.




  • Furniture disassembly and assembly

This is needed for large furniture items and it is handled by our specialized crew.

  • Handling and transportation to the destination location

We also use specialized and experimented personnel, using new and clean trucks. At the
destination, the items are set up in their final positions and we'll also pick up the resulting
packing materials.




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+88 01713-588-444