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Office relocation is big trouble for everyone. An office is decorated with its design, if they're somehow the proper size did not come then the total office set up will go flatten. So it is important to be sincere about this. An experienced moving company is perfect for the relocation of an office. In Dhaka city, different shifting companies offer office shifting services. The target of once is relocating office equipment, office furniture, cubicles, phones, computers, and laptops is to reduce disruption within the digital computer and fleetly come to traditional levels of potency and progress. Whereas there is no chance to 2 office moving assignments are similar. There are the basic activities that require to be organized and managed to confirm good implementation. A practiced worker of business moving services project managers will assist you with every step of the office shifting services in Dhaka. Operating as a team with you and your workers can promise that each one period of your office relocation is coated, plans and perform, procedures applied, and timelines met. There are thousands of small details to be attended to Pack & shift. So experienced and utmost dedicated workers can build an unquestionable nothing is left to probability.

The extent of Services Facility of relocation’s commonly taken the location when traditional work hours and on weekends. A moving company is going to work together with your move coordinators to ascertain a novel office relocation arrangement, as well as office moving succession, depends on the timeline objectives and key roles and responsibilities to confirm a pal my office move.

The most important things

  • Make a proper Office Moving Plan
  • Have a discussion and appoint a Project Manager For Office Moving
  • Create a perfect Moving Budget
  • Inform all the Office Staffs about the Office Move
  • Hire a Professional and experienced Office Moving Company and confirm the arrangements.
  • Donate or give up any unwanted furniture or other items
  • Accurate plan for fragile or unusual items to move
  • Inform the local partner and clients of your movement.
  • Informs insurance company before moving your office.
  • Marks those goods that can’t be moved.

Let's have a proper plan for your office move:

The Commercial office moving services in Dhaka city need detailed planning and preparation. When properly planning the office move, firstly fix the moving date, time for the office shifting process next which you can come up with the right schedule. Before moving your office you should communicate with the employees of your office because this is one of the important parts for office relocations. 

Working system for Office Shifting Services in Dhaka

  • When you hire a shifting company to quote for your office shifting services one or a team. Then the skilled adviser comes to visit your office to survey your office things.
  • He can review all of your belongings and build a list and additionally build a brief list and mark those items which are sensitive or breakable that item wants additional packing.
  • You can get a moving quote consistent with a moving to arrange, services provider support you’re moving, wants, and your demand.
  • They continuously try and give you a lot of moving resources as attainable to us. We would like to create your shifting simple, stress-free, and suitable to your budget and needs. Our special packing and shifting workers choices to assist you then decide what quantity office shifting services do. One got and complete your office moving with success among your budget and time-frame.
  • Electronic device such as Computer, Laptop its need to relocate too.
  • Plant relocation.
  • Project Management.
  • Employee move orientation conferences.
  • Relocations arranges to the scheme.
  • Providing all packaging materials.
  • Loading and unloading furniture, delivery, and setup
  • Systems piece of furniture installation.
  • Relocation of the warehouse
  • Furniture disposal service
  • Inventory & documents deposition
  • Records storage and management
  • Asset management

Moving Company offers a full package of office shifting services in Dhaka to get rid of and take a part of your existing office furniture and fixtures, pc instr. mentality, as well as server rooms, and the other connected provides from your recent location. Skilled movers can easily relocate your goods to the new location and place them consistent with your direction. Here are the comprehensive packing and moving choices that may assist you to arrange and prepare with ease

Packing responsibility of Office Shifting Services

•Full-Service Packing –A experienced packer’s team can pack your entire office things by exploiting fashionable packing with materials and the latest technologies. Remember only an experienced packer’s team can do this job properly, specially trained, knowledgeable, and utmost dedicated. They can pack your entire office with expertness and knowledgeable care.


•Fragile Packing – There are some breakable things in an office and irreplaceable in price. That item’s they pack with additional care. Nothing to stress in the least as a result of your move is in the safe hands of qualified moving specialists.


•Special Packing– Special packing means the process that safe your heavy, expensive, and important items 100%. They provide special packing services available in Dhaka, Chittagong, Rangpur, Sylhet, Khulna, Rajshahi, Mymensingh, and all over Bangladesh. Generally, they have a highly trained professional packing team for special packing in Dhaka.


Basic Office Moving Services

Loading – Before loading the moving truck our skilled mover’s team can make certain that each one of the office belongings is packed properly. All the things are listed and place tagged for moving. To protect against dirt and scratches we tend to use a plastic sturdy Stretch wrap. They use special packing materials to shield any injury to your belongings throughout the shifting.

Transportation – Safety of your good is the 1st priority for the company. They work to make sure of the safety of your office belongings. Our drivers are practiced and commissioned. They are trained to drive serious moving trucks on roads, busy streets, or slender streets. They’re committed to moving your shifting goods in an exceedingly skilled method.

Unloading – When our truck reached your new office unloading method can begin at once. To confirm that every single item is the move to the new address then they unload them. As per your instruction, our skilled movers can place all the things room-wise as your order with care. As your demand, they are going to additionally give assemble services of your furniture’s and different things likewise.

 •  Trained labor – When you need well-trained labor for house or office moving services in Dhaka. Then there is good news for you to provide professional expert house and office moving labor. Office shifting is not an easy word for general people, so you should need expert office mover labor.

Additional Office Relocation Services accessible

 • Assembly –Some relocation companies offer to break apart and assemble services for their customers. They have experienced, trained, and expert technicians to assembly and activity you’re office Furniture, A/C, LCD/LED, Projectors, Whiteboards, Light, Fan, and different electrical things. They’ll break apart and additionally assemble assorted office things before your move.

Government Office Relocation Services in Dhaka:

They also provide government office moving in Dhaka city. Generally, government offices are much bigger, so at this shifting time, they need a lot of manpower. According to government instruction, they also provide professional office shifting services in Dhaka. On the other hand, they have a highly trained International standard professional full-time office moving team. Although government offices belong to the general public, they work with the proper securities for moving. They always offer some discounts for government office relocation.

Commercial Office Moving Services in Dhaka:

Corporate offices need professional movers for moving offices from one place to another place in Dhaka. Currently, some moving companies providing commercial and corporate relocation services professionally in Dhaka and all over Bangladesh. Most of them are highly experienced, sometimes they have 20+ years of commercial moving experience. This moving company moves successfully all commercial relocation as your requirement.

What is the estimate of moving an office?

Office moving cost depends on the requirement of the customer, like how many furniture’s of items need to move, which types of packing they need, how much labor will be the need and what kind of car do you need? After the assessment, you will get a complete estimate from the moving company.

Cost affecting reason for office moving:

  1. Amount of office goods: At the beginning of the movement, you should measure office goods. Shifting cost depends on your office items. Or if office goods are more then you will have to pay more.
  2. Size of office: The cost of moving vary on the size of the office property. If you have a big high-rise office building then the cost of moving will be higher for you. If you are relocation 1or 2 rooms office, then the cost will be low.
  3. Depend on labor: Cost affecting will depend on how much labor it takes to change your office. Our highly trained professional labor can do complex work easily. We have 20+ experience in professional office moving labor teams in Bangladesh, especially in Dhaka.
  4. Insurance and Storage: When you need an insurance and storage facility, you should be ready to pay a separate cost for insurance and storage service.
  5. Packing Materials type: They provide all kinds of packing materials like bubble wraps, corrugated boxes, peanut foam, rigid boxes, cardboard boxes, chipboard packaging, plastic sheets, poly bags, foil sealed bags, etc.  Price for packing depends on the quality packing of packing materials you are using. They provide special packing services so that using expensive packing materials. This type of packing is highly safe than normal packing.

How does a company become best for Office Relocation Services?

A moving company designs your house and office shifting packages according to the client’s requirement and moving location. Recently they offer special discounts for family shifting, commercial shifting, corporate shifting, and office shifting in Dhaka and all over Bangladesh. They should have some specialty:

  • Local residential office moving services at a low cost.
  • Local commercial office moving service also at a low rate.
  • Make storage available for important items.
  • They include special services include wall painting, floor padding, and shifting
  • Special packing for special and expensive items.
  • Official furniture open and fitting, packing and unpacking.
  • Superfast executive support and immediate response.
  • Electronic items like AC, Fan, TV, and others open and they need fitting.
  • Someone has an insurance facility for any bad incident
  • They make you are shifting sure 100% hassle-free and safe relocation services.
  • Highly trained expert relocation team helps you without any issues.


What a moving company provides generally:

  • Security is the priority, so don’t concern about your office moving.
  • Moving company’s specialty does more wok in less time
  • Currently, we see some companies provide office relocation services at a minimum     cost. It’s a positive step of a company for the customer.
  • 24/7 hours free assessment in Dhaka.
  • They have no hidden cost.
  • Compensation is given in case of damage of any goods

 Some tips for a smooth office move:

  • Discuss important office people like the manager, MD, CEO before moving.
  • Distribute every employee’s role for the moving day.
  • Ensure moving company responsibilities properly
  • Submit the total office moving plane to your hired moving company.
  • Must be used a good labeling system for office moving
  • Make sure that any important elements are reserved in advance
  • Make sure enough loading docks are reserved for shifting
  • It is very much important to ensure sufficient parking space for moving         transportation
  • Finally submit all important and sensitive equipment to the office owner for safety.


At the rest of the discussion, we can say, in our busy lives we want proper work but in a short time. We don’t want to waste our time. But when relocation becomes essential, we need such a company to move our office. It is a blessing to us.

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