Mission and Vision of Moving Industry: The beginning of Advance Movers BD was a beautiful goal and purpose. Object less work, like a bootless boat, which is unable to reach the destination. Prior to the establishment of the Advance Movers BD – I was connected to a transport company. When there was a need for shifting, people would have to accept unbearable harassment and frustration by the brokers when they went to truck trucks and fixed the transportation and labor. Then I think intensively how to change this condition. I have long cherished this dream of the soul. One needs to do something for yourself at the time of need of life. Then we started thinking about what kind of business can be done. Thinking about how to do something exceptional. So that there is a sense of self-satisfaction among themselves. Always think of a word at the beginning. When people call upon a company, they get the service done, but they cannot find the phone number later, or remember when they need it again. Not to be in the mind. Because of which new organization has to look for. Think about this matter, how the name of the company and website address can be addressed to the customers. So that after a few years we can search Google and search for Google. It has been successful in doing this. Now people from all over the country know the name of our company. The people of the whole of Bangladesh, including the capital Dhaka, phone us for our service. Even the phone comes from almost all countries of the world.

The objective was to reduce the harassment and sufferings of the people and it is very easy to reach the customers’ doorstep service. So that customers can get all the services they want through a phone call. For home and office change, there is a need for packing, unpacking, labor, and other services including trucks. Also, various packing materials such as cartoon box, bubble paper, newspaper, wrapping paper, corrugated cartoon, tape sutil etc. All services are provided from the same place. As a result of this initiative of Advance Movers BD, customers receive all the services from one roof. Do not spend time and money in different places.