For the past several years to now we provide packing, shifting, and transportation services to Any type of testing laboratory company. And we have successfully completed the shifting of several companies without any loss. Recently we have worked with a notable company, Lab Right Bangladesh Limited. They are satisfied with our Lab Company Moving Service and the Process we follow.

Lab company moving service

In this blog, we share the complete lab company moving process.

Lab Company Moving Brief Process

3 step framework of lab company moving

To make it easy and simple we follow a 3 steps framework for lab moving service

Follow this picture in the first step we did Pre-Move Consulting, our team will visit your office/lab to assess what’s needed for the move. We’ll figure out how many people, what packing materials, and transportation will be necessary.

In the next step Detailed Planning and Discussion, here we’ll have a meeting with you to talk about the plan. We’ll explain how we’ll handle everything, including the timeline and packing methods.

And last step Packing and Moving, we’ll start packing your lab equipment, documents, and furniture. Our experienced team will handle the packing and moving carefully to keep your items safe.

Let’s look deeply at every step

Step 1: Pre-Move Consulting

Our team will visit your entire office/lab center. Because your valuable machines and other things cannot be left behind. Especially, how many people will be needed for your shifting service, what type of packing material will be used, what kind of transportation will be used, whether other machinery like cranes will be used or not.

There’s much more to know, such as how many locks there are, how they will be named and lifted, and how the loading and unloading locations are. For this, our company representative team will ensure everything fits perfectly to send you a quotation without any ambiguity on either side.

Step 2: Detailed Planning and Discussion

After finishing the first step we have a detailed plan. Now in this step Our team will visit and inform you in detail, inviting you to a meeting. Inside it will be mentioned how we will manage the work. How many days it will end. How packing will be done, etc.

Step 3: Packing and Moving

First, we will pack all your valuable lab machines, documents, and other furniture and bring them to the new office by packing and unpacking, then we will explain everything to your team again.

We employ skilled personnel, use our own transportation, and use high-quality packing materials. We have all kinds of shifting service machinery such as hand trolleys, dollies, rollers, belts, cranes, forklifts, etc. Below are some photos.

2 employe packing a machine
lab moving company service

So, this is the overall process for a lab company moving. I hope now things are clear to you. Check out our other valuable blogs and if you need any kind of moving service like house shifting, office shifting, International Moving Service, etc then let us know.